50/50 Draw​

Current Value (winner takes home)


Our optional 50/50 Draw is only open to those who order Dream of a Lifetime Lottery ticket(s). Order your ticket(s) and you can add as many 50/50 Draw tickets as you like.


The more tickets sold the higher the 50/50 Draw jackpot will grow -- and the more money will be raised to help the kids at CHEO! Last year's winner took home $739,045! Winner will take home half of the jackpot.

Ticket Packages

Last year’s jackpot reached $1,478,090. With unlimited tickets available, the sky is the limit.

1 Ticket


5 Tickets


15 Tickets


Grand Prize Minto Dream Home

Over $2.8 million in prizes, including the beautifully crafted Minto Dream Home, $100,000 cash and more!

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Dream of a Lifetime Lottery tickets

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Ticket prices

1 x $100.00 3 x $250.00

50/50 tickets

Available only to Dream of a Lifetime Lottery ticket holders. Purchase as many 50/50 tickets as you'd like. The more tickets sold, the higher the jackpot!

Ticket prices

1 x $10.00 5 x $25.00 15 x $50.00

Ultimate ticket package

  • 3 x Dream of a Lifetime Lottery tickets
  • 15 x 50/50 tickets
Price: $300.00

Total: $0.00